Our employer solutions are designed to keep your employees healthy and your costs down. Vanderbilt Health Affiliated Network was created by doctors, so we offer an array of services that you might not expect.

Because employers are a crucial partner in keeping employees healthy for a lifetime, we work with you to deliver customized corporate services. Using data analytics, we help you work with your employees to increase productivity and reduce health risks. We also offer innovative on-site services to help all employees take care of their health every day.

Our network delivers benefits that fit your operating budget and your employees’ expectations:

  • Discounted plan administration fees
  • Ongoing support for employee wellness initiatives
  • Shared saving initiatives that reward you when your employees improve their health
  • We know how disruptive it can be to change benefit plans, so we approach our premium ratings from a long-term perspective. Other plans entice employers with a low first-year rate only to raise it in year 2.

When you choose a health plan powered by our network, you can also enjoy dividends in the form of increased employee engagement and higher productivity year after year.

Put it all together, and we offer more than you expect, for less than you think is possible.