Our solutions are designed to keep your clients’ employees healthy and their costs down. And because our network was created by doctors, we offer an array of services that you might not expect. Find out more about health insurance plans backed by our network.

Because employers are a crucial partner in keeping their employees healthy for a lifetime, we partner with your clients to design customized employer services. Using deep analytics, we help your clients work with their employees to increase productivity and reduce health risks. We also offer on-site services to help your clients’ entire organization take charge of their health.

Our direct benefits to employers range from discounted plan administration fees to ongoing support for employee wellness initiatives. Designed with short-term and long-term goals in mind, we incentivize all partners to share information, coordinate care, and work together to improve the health of your clients’ employees and their families. When employees improve their health, we pass the shared savings on to your clients.

With years of proven results, the Vanderbilt Health Affiliated Network is a reliable solution that makes sense for your clients’ operating budgets and their employees’ health.