What is the Vanderbilt Health Affiliated Network?

The network is at the forefront of health care transformation, providing the incentives, structure, and knowledge that can offer significant, sustainable cost control to employers.

Your clients are looking for a plan that provides great health care, with no compromises in quality. You’re looking for a health plan that keeps its promises in holding down health care costs. You also need to know that your clients will be taken care of, with easy access to the plan’s benefits, smooth claims processing, and effective customer service. We offer a suite of customizable services, allowing your clients to design the solution that meets their needs.

Your clients’ health plan wish lists might include:

  • Giving employees access to their preferred doctors and specialists
  • Providing convenient care options like urgent care clinics and walk-in locations
  • Offering nationwide coverage
  • Patient care decisions be made by doctors, who know what their patients need to improve health and stay healthy
  • Rates that stay predictable over the long term
  • Care coordination that goes beyond phone calls from nurses to patients
  • Offering customized services to support employees’ long-term health

The Vanderbilt Health Affiliated Network powers employee benefit plans that satisfy these needs by combining broad access to high quality hospitals and providers with the structure and incentives to deliver sustained cost control for employers. With three years of results under our belt, we live up to our promises.

We also have a robust pediatric program, thanks to the participation of Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt and more than 700 physicians trained in pediatric primary and specialty care.

How does it work?

We’ve brought the right partners to the table, working together to provide efficient, high-value health care. Our approach consists of three main components:

  • Coordination: Through our Health Information Exchange, doctors and hospitals can share patient data seamlessly and securely. That allows providers to have a more comprehensive view of employees’ health, enabling better diagnoses and reducing wasteful medical spending.
  • Incentives: Participating providers are rewarded when they improve the health of their patients and communities while also improving the experience and efficiency of care. In short, doctors and hospitals are rewarded for keeping your employees healthy, rather than for billing unnecessary services.
  • Personalized Care: Our suite of clinical support services, such as Care Advising and Transitions Care, serves high-risk and hospitalized patients to ensure they stay as healthy as possible.

Our approach is working for more than 150,000 employees of 50+ businesses throughout Tennessee and surrounding states.